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Accepted posters

PresenterTitle of the contribution
Kehui Zhang (Hong Kong Baptist University)Image Segmentation with Shape Compactness Regularization
Saeide Hajighasemi (Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg)An improved Frankot and Chellappa method for surface normal integration using fuzzy concepts
Zuzana Minarechová (Slovak University of Technology)Solving the fixed gravimetric boundary value problem using mapped infinite elements
Lukáš Tomek (Slovak University of Technology)Segmentation of planar point clouds using evolving curves
Alexander Köhler (Brandenburg University of Technology)An experimental analysis of the K-SVD algorithm
Róbert Čunderlík (Slovak University of Technology)3D high-resolution numerical modelling of altimetry-derived marine gravity data using FVM
Michal Žeravý (Slovak University of Technology)Well-balanced compact implicit numerical scheme for the shallow water equations with topography
Dagmar Žáková (Slovak University of Technology)Numerical solution of two dimensional scalar conservation laws using compact implicit WENO scheme
Konan Anderson Allaly (TatraMed Software s.r.o.)Automatic path extraction inside the aorta from CT data
Katarína Lacková (Slovak University of Technology)Novel compact schemes for advection equation: Employing inverse Lax-Wendroff procedure
Angela Handlovičová (Slovak University of Technology)Numerical scheme for AMSS model based on Finite volume method
Martin Huska (University of Bologna)Quaternary Image Decomposition with Cross-Correlation-Based Multi-parameter Selection
Giulia Lupi (Slovak University of Technology)Harmonic velocity vector field reconstruction from sparse samples by triple-Laplacian
Robert Straka (AGH University of Science and Technology)Bloody LBM: bypass grafts simulation tool
Hayden Ringer (Virginia Tech)Shape From Sound: The Inverse Laplacian Eigenvalue Problem
Miranda Boutilier (Université Côte d’Azur)Trefftz Approximation Space for the Poisson Equation in Perforated Domains
Gergő Ibolya (Slovak University of Technology)Geometric interpretation and universal limiting of semi-implicit, fully discrete schemes for linear advection