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Accepted contributed talks

SpeakerTitle of the contribution
Marian Slodicka (Ghent University)Evolutionary PDEs with Volterra operators: direct and inverse source problems
Stefano Pozza (Charles University)A fast numerical method for the operator solution of the generalized Rosen-Zener model
Michal Béreš (Institute of Geonics, Czech Academy of Sciences)Parameter Fitting Using Bayesian Inversion Assisted by Neural Network Surrogate Model
Jakub Kružík (Institute of Geonics, Czech Academy of Sciences)Preconditioned Active Set Algorithm for Quadratic Programming
Václav Kučera (Faculty of Mathematiccs and Physics, Charles University)Convergence of the finite element method on extremely deformed meshes
Jiří Vala (Brno University of Technology)Computational smeared damage in the macroscopic analysis of quasi-brittle materials and structures
Lukáš Jakabčin (University of Orléans)A percolation model for numerical simulation of non-reactive impregnation in porous media
Giulia Lupi (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava)Understanding macrophage motion during wound healing: extraction of smooth velocities and analysis of randomness
Samuel Potter (Coreform, LLC)Fast hierarchical low-rank view factor matrices for thermal irradiance on planetary surfaces
Miroslav Rozloznik (Czech Academy of Sciences)Iterated Gauss-Seidel Gmres
Vladislav Kozák (Brno University of Technology)Crack propagation modelling using XFEM and numerical problems, building materials applications
Erika Kokavcová (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)On Implicitly Constituted Fluids with Implicitly Constituted Boundary Conditions
Birte Klug (Institute for Mathematics, RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau)Simulations of supersonic flows to study trajectories of aerosols and the impaction-based sampling efficiency on a rocket-borne particle collector
Yahya Saleh (Universität Hamburg and Center for Free-Electron Laser Science CFEL)Augmenting spectral methods with invertible neural networks and application to quantum molecular physics