Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Civil Engineerig in Bratislava, Slovak University of Technology, Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, JSMF

Quantum Structures 2011

Third international workshop

May 16 – 20, 2011, Kočovce, Slovakia


Monday May 16

13:00 - 18:00 Registration

18:20 Opening ceremony

Chairman: Pulmannova, S.

Chairman: Garola, C.

Tuesday May 17

Chairman: Navara, M.

Chairman: Riečan, B.

Chairman: Pykacz, J.

Chairman: Paseka, J.

Chairman: Kalina, M.

Wednesday May 18

Chairman: Hudson, R.

Chairman: Garola, C.

Chairman: Riečanová, Z.

Chairman: Pykacz, J.

Thursday May 19

Chairman: Battilotti, G.

Chairman: Pulmannová, S.

Chairman: Svozil, K.

Chairman: Pykacz, J.

Friday May 20

Chairman: Tkadlec, J.

Chairman: Chovanec, F.

Closing ceremony May 20 11:00

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