Departure on Friday

Leave your rooms

The hotel has asked us to leave some rooms (see the list below) by Friday morning 10:00. You may ask the reception desk to deposit your luggage.

The room numbers are

Friday lunch

On Friday, the lunch starts earlier, right after the last talk 11:15. If you are leaving Friday morning or even earlier, you may ask for a lunch packet at the reception desk on Thrursday evening. The lunch packet will be ready for you at Friday morning.

Bus from the hotel to the Poprad train station

For your convenience, we rented a bus from hotel to the Poprad train station. The bus will wait if front of the hotel.

Departure time from hotel Arrival time at Poprad station Trains
12:20 12:55
  • 13:15 IC 522 Poprad → Bratislava
  • 13:41 Ex 605 Poprad → Košice
13:30 14:05
  • 14:25 Ex 608 Poprad → Bratislava
  • 14:57 RJ 1003 Poprad → Košice
14:30 15:05
  • 15:29 SC 240 Poprad → Olomouc → Praha