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Welcome to Tom's homepage

Tomáš Bacigál
master degree in Geodesy and Cartography
PhD student in Applied mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

tel.: +421/2/59274 419
slovenská verzia

Webpage scheme

photo gallery USA- San Francisco, Yosemity, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Nevada, California,, gallery 2004-05
Spain (under construction)
Greece (under construction)
Slovakia - Low Tatras 2005-08
relax found in mailbox- funny and serious texts, powerpoint presentations, brain-twisters 2006-04
research publications - PhD. study (multivariate time series analysis): regime-switching models, cointegration, common deterministic trend, copula
- Bc. a Ing. study: least-sqare spectral analysis, programming in C, HW and SW for geoiformation systems
* abstract, presentation, full paper, calculations
education Math for students - Mathematics I: conic sections, one-variable function (limit, derivative, indefinte integral)
- Mathematics II: definite integral, multivariate function (tangent plane, Taylor polynomial, unconstrained and constrained extremes), differential geometry of curve and plane
* also computer aided solution in Mathcad 11 and Mathematica 4



Yeah, the guy up there posing as PhD student is really me, and if we don't know each other yet, then this webpage is a good start. At least as preventive warning against the allure of my personality :) In other respects there can be found interesting things here as well, I hope. Minitravelogue of my wanderings, photographs, funny things I found in mailbox, and for those hardcore interested there are some university mathematics exercises with solutions and also my own publications in applied research.

By the way, this webpage has been springing up for many years, now it is in its second version. Although I had been dreaming of it since my first year at university, the preliminary version wasn't made untill the beginning of 2004. Thus I got upset by my laziness so much that I refused to shave myself untill it was finished. This is how I came to nickname Ludevít (one bearded, famous person in the history of our national fight for political and cultural independence) for a short time ...:) From technical standpoint I was helped a lot by on-line guide to making webpages (Jak psát web) provided by Dušan "Yuhů". It is written conveniently and lucidly, even more catchy than average "belles lettres". My webpage will hopefully not bore anyone to death, moreover, feel free to tell me off occasionaly, and preferably to e-mail: I'll be pleased by every line you write down ;)

Enjoy the reading!