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   Správa pre prijímateľa: QS2011'''    Správa pre prijímateľa: meno účastníka'''
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    '''IBAN: SK1709{10 times 0}11466164

    '''IBAN: SK1709000000000011466164
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    Payment identification: QS2011'''     Payment identification: QS2011 + name of the participant'''

Quantum Structures 2011

Third international workshop

May 16 – 20, 2011, Kočovce, Slovakia

Conference venue, accommodation and fee

  • Conference and accommodation will be in a small castle at Kočovce, cca 100 km from Bratislava to the north.

  • Accomodation and full board... estimated cost is 25 Eur/day.

  • Conference fee 20 EUR

The total amount is 100Eur (conference fee 20 Eur+ accomodation and food 80 Eur). Payment is possible either on the spot or by bank transfer to:


_All bank expenses must be covered by the remitter and may not be deducted from the amount remitted._

  • Participants from Slovakia
    • Číslo účtu: 11466164/0900

    • Variabilný symbol: 201105

      Správa pre prijímateľa: meno účastníka

  • others
    • IBAN: SK1709000000000011466164


      Payment identification: QS2011 + name of the participant

The account is in:

Slovenská Sporiteľňa, Tomášikova 48, 832 37, Bratislava, Slovakia

Owner of the account:

Jednota slovenských matematikov a fyzikov, pobočka Bratislava 1, Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava, Slovakia,

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