Conference on Scientific Computing 

Vysoke Tatry, Podbanske
September 10-15, 2000

Scientific Programme Committee:
E. Bänsch (Bremen), P.Brunovsky(Bratislava), G.Dziuk ( Freiburg), W.Jäger (Heidelberg), J.Kacur (Bratislava), J.Komornik (Bratislava), G.Meyer(Atlanta), K.Mikula (Bratislava), M. Rumpf (Bonn), J.A.Sethian(Berkeley), M.Vajtersic (Bratislava)

Invited speakers:
M. Benes (Prague), G.-Q. Chen (Chicago), H.-J.Diepers (Aachen) R. E. Ewing (Texas A&M), K. Johannsen (Heidelberg/Stuttgart), M. Kratka (New York), D. Kroener (Freiburg), T. Preusser (Bonn), A. Sarti (Bologna/Berkeley), K. Siebert (Freiburg), Z. Strakos (Prague/Atlanta), R. Strzodka (Bonn), S. Turek (Dortmund), D. W. Walker (Cardiff/Oak Ridge) J. Weickert (Mannheim)

Dear Colleagues,

it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the series of ALGORITMY conferences. ALGORITMY (Algorithms) represents the oldest Central-European series of international meetings devoted to applied mathematics and computer science.

15th ALGORITMY conference is going to be held in a beautiful resort in the High Tatra Mountains (Vysoke Tatry, Podbanske), September 10-15, 2000 and will be organized by Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, in cooperation with Comenius University, Bratislava and other institutions.

The conference will be devoted to the computational realisations and analysis of the algorithms solving real problems from all branches of sciences, technology, medicine, finance and other applications. The main topics include methods of

* computational fluid dynamics
*nonlinear heat and mass transfer
* modelling of flow in porous media
*simulations of free boundary phenomena
* inverse problems
*computational finance
*data analysis and pattern recognition
*image processing and computer vision
*scientific visualization
*software for scientific computations.
Special attention is given to the robust numerical, statistical and visualization methods implemented on modern computer architectures.

The refereed conference proceedings, will be published. You are invited to submit a paper related to the topics of the conference.

The programme of the conference will consist of one-hour, 45-minutes and 30-minutes invited plenary lectures, contributed talks of participants (30-minutes or 20-minutes depending on the contribution and time schedule possibilities) and poster session.

The scientific programme will begin on Monday, September 11th at 9am and end on Friday, September 15th afternoon.

The accomodation will begin on Sunday, September 10th (dinner) and end on Friday, September 15th (lunch).

 Organizing committee:
P.Frolkovic, A.Handlovicova, M.Komornikova, Z.Kriva, K.Mikula, M.Minarova, P.Struk, D.Sevcovic, M.Stevulova

Conference Office: ALGORITMY 2000, Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry, Slovak University of Technology, Radlinskeho 11, 813 68 Bratislava, Slovakia
e-mail address: 

Sponsored by Slovenska Sporitelna

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