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I like hiking. Since 1985 I am making hikes in the beautiful country where I was born. Till the end of year 2017 I had over 28,000 kilometers in my legs. Mostly I am hiking in Czechoslovakia (click here for the map of my hikes).

Hiking abroad

In 1987 I made a hike in Rumania (Bucegi, Fagaras). It was a very interesting hike. I remember a day, in which in the morning we stand about 400m over the sea level and at the evening about 2300m over the sea level.

stone carvings in Alta In 1996 a wonderfull man, my friend Frank Fischer from Thuringen, invited me to take a part in a fortnight hike to Scandinavia (Stockholm, Burtrask, Tankavaara, Cakkarassa, Lakselv, Trollholmsund, Jokelfjord, Alta, Lappaaugen, A, Moskenes, Bodo, Trondheim, Naerojfjord, Kristiansand). I have to say that Norway is a beautiful country.

Thanks to my colleagues, time-to-time I visit England. In 2002 I took part in an interesting walk across the Morecambe Bay. We crossed the bay during a low-tide. Next year we walked on a limestone pavement. In 2009 and 2010 we walked through the small hills at the edge of Pennines. All these experiences were amazing, but a summer weather should be at least a little bit warmer.

In last years I discovered Alps. As is a custom in Slovakia, I started with Julian Alps in Slovenia. Since it is made of limestone, it has a vast amount of various flowers. However, in 2011 I started to visit Austria. This country fascinates me. I expect to make most of my hikes in the next few years there.

Hiking in 2017

In 2017 I was hiking 117 days, during which I passed over 2000 kilometers with altitude over 125 000 m. Moreover, I visited plenty of (ferratas) and made some routes of difficulty II UIAA. Here I mention some of the hikes with links to reports on www.hiking.sk.

In the beginning of the year I made some walks using snow-shoes. Among the best were the crossing of Hochanger (hik) and a hike to Windberg (hik). I needed two attempts to reach the summit.

Regarding a Winter-Spring tours in Slovakia I would like to mention three small hikes in the neighbourhood of Pukanec (hik), and unexpectedly beautiful hike in Povazsky Inovec (hik).

Then the Summer came and I went to Alps. This year I started in Salzburg-county. I visited several gorges (hik), made two beautiful round-hikes by Saalfelden (hik a hik) and amused myself on tirollenes (hik). The most interesting hike I made in Hochschwab (hik), where I used mostly unmarked, sometimes hardly visible footpathes. Very nice was a wanderung around Gosau Kamm (hik) and a single-day hike through the top of Tennengebirge (hik).

At the borders with Slovenia I made an attractive route through three big stone windows of Uschowa (hik) and directly in Slovenia I made some hikes in Kamniske Alpe (hik).

As regards easy climbing, I have to mention Akademikersteig, about which I dreamed a couple of years (hik).

In Autumn, among the best walks were the hike to Ostre in Velka Fatra (hik), a round-route around Mojtin in Strazovske vrchy (hik), another round-route through Podskalsky Rohac in Sulovske vrchy (hik) and a winter hike in Tribec (hik).

Logical puzzles

tangram pentomino I like puzzles and games, especially the mathematical ones. Information about the World Puzzle Championship can be found here.
Classical plane-tiling puzzles are Pentomino and Tangram. But recently a vast amount of other puzzles can be found at janko. Next page, which I visit quite often, is killersudoku.
Interesting games can be found in Game Cabinet, or among the Conway games.

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