Some photographs from FSTA 2014

To download original photographs (in .zip file) click on photo's group title.


Opening01 Opening02 Opening03 Opening04 Opening05 Opening06 Opening07 Opening08 Opening09 Opening10 Opening11 Opening12 Opening13 Opening14 Opening15


Talks01 Talks02 Talks03 Talks04 Talks05 Talks06 Talks07 Talks08 Talks09 Talks10 Talks11 Talks12 Talks13 Talks14 Talks15 Talks16 Talks17 Talks18 Talks19 Talks20 Talks21 Talks22 Talks23 Talks24

Concert of participants

Concert01 Concert02 Concert03 Concert04 Concert05 Concert06 Concert07 Concert08 Concert09 Concert10 Concert11 Concert12 Concert13 Concert14 Concert15 Concert16 Concert17 Concert18 Concert19 Concert20 Concert21 Concert22 Concert23 Concert24 Concert25 Concert26


Banquet01 Banquet02 Banquet03 Banquet04 Banquet05 Banquet06 Banquet07 Banquet08
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